Private Striptease The Ultimate Package

Cindy Sun & "Mr. X"


Private Striptease: The Ultimate Package


Mr. X has arrived to Cindys private striptease session after a long wait. Mr. X would like to have Cindy Sun´s Ultimate Package. Obviously, this horny, cock loving girls is very happy about it and gets down to business. 

After Cindy strippes her clothes off and shows to Mr. X even her most intim areas, Mr. X is finally allowed to come so close to Cindy that he can actually touch her. Cindy brings her big boobs close to his face and Mr. X is very happy that he can touch them and play with her nipples. He touch Cindys clit and fingers her ass. Soon Cindy takes his pants of and starts to wank his cock, she also kisses it, likes it and sucks it until Mr. X gives a big load of cum to Cindy. Cindy is very exited that she finally sees what he was holding on his balls.