Cindy meets handyman

Cindy Sun & Luke Hardy

Cindys TV got broken and she called to the handyman to take a look at it. Luke is taking a look at it and tells Cindy how much will it be to get it fixed and asks is she able to pay it at the same day. Cindy cant believe how expencive it is and asks if there would be some other ways to pay that. Luke doesnt exactly understand what Cindy means but after a while he gets it and then Cindy is ready for full action. Cindy finds out how strong her handyman actually is when Luke fucks her in every possible position. Finally Luke puts his cock deep inside of Cindys anal and fucks her really hard. Luke cums inside Cindys ass and we are able to see how Lukes cum drains out of Cindys ass. In the end it looks like Luke is in dept for Cindy now!