Founder of The Real Bitch Company is Sini Paananen. She has born in Jyväskylä, Finland on 23rd of January. Nowadays she produces movies, is doing shows, trains her dog and spends as much time as she can with her loved ones.


She has a degree from beautycare and she has also studied in university of applied scienses. She get into porn when she was 21. She started in Finland and nowadays shes been working all around the world, like in USA,UK, Spain and so on... She is also doing cam shows, exhibitions, pr, custom vids and pics, festive occasions etc.


She loves to travel and thats one of the reasons why she loves her job and her life so much at the time. Nowadays, when she travels monthly she is admiting that she is always missing her family, and when she is home she is missing people from all around the world. She says that she is blessed with a talent to get to know people properly, not just superficialy. She is happy that no matter where she goes there is always someone she would like to see after a long time and if there is not, soon there is! She is a very genuine, caring and beautiful person. She is actually even named as a Dream Wife when she was in USA, and yes nowadays she is using that tittle, but no she is not married yet. 


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