The Real Bitch Company is constantly looking for new female and male models. It doesnt matter how you look or what size you are because there is enough fans for every type of actors. The most important thing is that you really want to perform in adult entertainment business. 


If you decide to contact our casting team you must be adult, healthy by physically and mentally, you need to have pressure tolerance and lots of desire to perform. You can send youre application to Please name youre mail as "Casting" and tell us youre name, age, work situation, why do you want to act on adult entertainment business and what kind of movie parts are you into. Please send us couple of photos also. If you have any questions you can send us email all call us +358 44 7590928.


Our casting team will contact you either by email all calling to youre phone when we are planning shootings that might suite to you!


When you are coming for shootings for The Real Bitch Company Oy:


You need to have certificate of yourse STD test. Youre STD test shouldnt be older than two week. Without appropriate STD results you are denied to take part of shootings. 

Please think of youre colleagues and take care of youre healt also on youre spear time. 


Other information will be send when we get youre application.